If you are a fan of Jack Kirby's or any comic book creator, writer, or artist, please donate now or on August 28th, Jack's 96th birthday, to the Hero Initiative! Even $1.00 makes a difference!

How to Donate to the Hero Initiative on Behalf of the Kirby4Heroes Campaign:

1. Donate online at:
The Hero Initiative
Be sure to type "Kirby4Heroes" where it asks for special instructions.

2. Mail to:
Kirby4Heroes Campaign
c/o The Hero Initiative
11301 Olympic Blvd., #587
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Please remember, on the memo portion of your check, to write "Kirby4Heroes".

3. Visit a participating comic book retailer on August 28th. On this date, these stores are either donating a percentage of their sales to the Hero Initiative, auctioning off original artwork, or providing collection jars for any additional donation you may wish to make. These are just a few of the participating retailers recruited thus far.
Jesse James Comics, Glendale AZ
Flying Colors Comics, Concord CA
Lee's Comics, Mountain View CA
Alakazam Comics, Irvine CA
Mission: Comics and Art, San Francisco CA
Golden Apple Comics, Los Angeles CA
The Secret Headquarters, Los Angeles CA
A&M Comics, Miami FL
Chimera's Comics, Lagrange IL
Aw Yeah Comics, Skokie IL
Graham Crackers Comics, Plainfield IL
Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas NV
Paradise Comics, Toronto, Ontario
Floating World Comics, Portland OR
Austin Books & Comics, Austin TX